| Product | Release date: May 2014

The tools that make businesses available anywhere, anytime

Your business number on your smartphone

With people always on the road nowadays, we wanted to create an app for Android and iOS that enables businesses to be available anywhere, anytime.

The Vialer App allows you to make phone calls with your business phone number by using your own mobile phone. Customers only see your business phone number, not your mobile number.

Besides that, you can keep an eye on the telephone traffic of your business with insightful statistics. Within the app you can manage and modify your dial plan and accessibility at any time you want.

By connecting a VoIP account to the Vialer, the user can start calling over 4G and WiFi immediately.

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The next generation of business telephony

We believe desk phones are not here to stay. The future workspace asks for intelligent solutions that enables flexible working. So, we created a softphone that is future-proof: a Webphone that you can use on your laptop, without downloading a thing.

The Vialer Webphone isn’t just a regular softphone. It is a Progressive Web Application that uses WebRTC’s connection technique to send SIP messages from the browser. This makes setting up or answering a call with your browser as easy as calling with the smartphone app or a desk phone.

A PWA offers enormous advantages in development speed. We also have insight into the total flow of SIP traffic, which makes troubleshooting much easier. Installation and management is simple and we can offer much more integrated functionality than would be possible in an ‘old-fashioned’ softphone.

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