Open VoIP Alliance

| Project | Release date: June 2019

Connecting communities and businesses to strengthen open source technology

A community of VoIP technology enthusiasts

The Open VoIP Alliance started as a project for Spindle to see how we could be more active with open source technology. We have always had a passion and appreciation for open source, but wanted to find a way to become more active in the community.

We looked to see how we contribute and we found a hole – there are many communities about specific projects related to VoIP, and there are businesses that use these projects, but there was no way to connect them. To fill this hole, we created a community where people can connect with each other.

As a part of the Open VoIP Alliance, people can share their projects, ask their questions, and discuss things that all contribute to the development of open source VoIP technology. If you want to join the conversation, we invite you to go to the website of the Open VoIP Alliance.

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