| Project | Release date: Fall 2017

Our foundation facilitating equality through access to communication

On a mission for equality in communication

We believe that communication should be free and open for all, and that there should be equal access for everyone. In 2017, 48% of the world didn’t have access to communication technology. Thus, together with our sister company Voys, we started a foundation called 48percent.org to help make these beliefs a reality.

As a foundation we strive to facilitate equal access to unrestricted communication. We do this by building partnerships and contributing to projects that work toward this goal. We work according to 3 program lines that cover 3 areas of this problem:

  1. Facilitate universal and affordable access to the internet
  2. Facilitate higher educational levels and digital literacy
  3. Facilitate unrestricted opportunities in communication

If you’re interested in contributing to the purpose of our foundation or have ideas that can help us move forward, we’d love to hear from you.

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