This is the time to bring your ideas to life.

Open and free communication for everyone

We’re on a mission to connect the world creating the tools for open and free communication. With a curious mindset and a love for open source technology, we work on innovative communication software every day.

Transparency, equality, and privacy are the fundamental ideals that make free communication possible.

That is why we’re developing products that meet those requirements and share our knowledge wherever we can. If you find value in what we build, then it’s for you to use. Everyone can contribute, everyone can benefit.

We believe in everyone's potential

At Spindle we work with Holacracy. This is a complete system of self-organization, without managers and with roles instead of functions. You’ll take the initiative to make the best of your roles and get all the freedom you need to accomplish your goals in return.

Working at Spindle can be a life-changing experience, because you’re completely in charge. We believe in getting the most out of everyone’s potential and help you discover what it is you want to achieve. That’s why the core values we live by are open, supportive, and evolving.

Challenge the status quo! We embrace change, both in the way we work and the technology we develop.

Dare to make mistakes

We work with a “build, measure, learn” mentality and an open mindset. We recognize that not everything you do is going to work right away. If you don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn anything and you will not grow. So if we do something wrong, we look at it critically and share it with the world. That way we’ll make sure we’ll make better mistakes tomorrow.

Going international in Groningen

Devhouse Spindle is founded in Groningen, a beautiful and vibrant city with over 230.000 citizens and 60.000 students in the north of the Netherlands. It’s a great place to work.

However, this doesn’t mean everyone of us is a real ‘Grunneger’. Our colleagues come from all over the world: Greece, Argentina, Poland, the United States, you name it. We value the differences that each person brings to the table and think that it’s those differences that strengthen our organization.

We share our love for code

We’re always looking for opportunities to introduce people, young and old, to the intriguing world of programming and to share our knowledge. That’s why we’re happy to support and contribute to great initiatives. We recently started the Open VoIP Alliance, to share our knowledge about communication technology and connect open source VoIP communities.

Devhouse Spindle