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Why we support the new internet provider Freedom Internet

Written by Roelinda Klip on 13th November 2019

As of this week, the Netherlands has a new internet provider: Freedom Internet. An internet provider that wants a better internet for its customers with a full focus on privacy, security, open data, and open source. Important values that we at Spindle also live by every day. A collaboration between the two of us was only natural. We are very proud that our VoIP platform VoIPGRID has been selected as the telephony partner of Freedom!

Access for everyone

One of the first internet providers in the Netherlands, XS4ALL, was founded in 1993 by four internet pioneers. In a time where internet access was scarce – only available for companies – they strived to make the internet accessible for everyone.

The idea of XS4ALL was as simple as it was brilliant: you set up a foundation that provides private individuals with access to the internet, thus creating access for all. XS4ALL was more than just a provider, it was a statement.

Does that sound familiar? You’re right! Together with our sister company Voys, we recently started a foundation called 48percent.org, which has a very similar purpose:

Bringing equality to the world through access to unrestricted communication.

We feel that access to communication and information is the basis for equal opportunities and with our foundation we strive to facilitate this wherever we can.

Starting a new provider

Right from the start XS4ALL was a huge success and the provider grew rapidly. In order to keep up with its growth, XS4ALL became a subsidiary of KPN in 1998. In January of this year, KPN announced its intention to discontinue some of its subsidiary brands, one of which was XS4ALL. When protests from the action committee ‘XS4ALL Must Stay’ and its many supporters could not prevent this from happening, the committee decided to start a new provider itself.

Since starting a provider is an expensive project a crowdfunding campaign was launched. Knowing their focus was on keeping the values of freedom, privacy, and innovation alive, Spindle decided to invest immediately and so did Voys. We were not the only ones: the target of €2.5 million was reached within 3.5 days. A few days later, Freedom Internet was a reality!

Contributing with our product VoIPGRID

Ever since the action committee started voicing their plans, we  have been supporting them on several fronts. We’re preparing our VoIP telephony platform for Freedom Internet users and were able to use our network and relations to accelerate the construction of a new provider.

Needless to say, we are very excited that VoIPGRID was chosen as the partner for telephony delivery. Anco Scholte ter Horst, director of Freedom Internet, states about our partnership:

“Freedom Internet is very pleased to work with VoIPGRID. They subscribe to the same ideals, and make no concessions to privacy, security, and technical innovation.”

We’re looking forward to a great collaboration in the upcoming years!

Founding members of Freedom

Do you live in the Netherlands and care about safe and secure internet? As of this week you can become a Founding Member of Freedom. The provider hopes to get things started by the beginning of next year. Check out the website of Freedom Internet for more information.

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