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The start of a new Spindle era

Written by Ashley van der Tuin-Gottula on 18th May 2018

The time has come – after 2 years and 8 months of having our home in The Big Building, we are moving to a new office. This will be the 3rd building Spindle has called home, and the 6th time the office has relocated, and probably the most exciting move yet!

Double the size

The new office, located in Het Kwadraat, will be double the size of our current office space. What started as an empty room is now (almost) an office designed just for us.

The construction crew has a busy week finishing the office before moving day, May 25th. We are preparing by packing up our computer monitors and other important things like the longboards, the coffee machines, and Fred the stormtrooper.


What makes it special?

To get an idea of what everyone is looking forward to about the new office, we asked around the office and wanted to share some of the answers. Not surprisingly, a common answer was “the space!” The new office was designed with collaboration in mind. In addition to the islands of desks where we can work together (or alone if you use headphones) daily, there are also islands of desks where we can work when we need to work with a team on a project for a shorter or even a longer amount of time. There will also be more meeting rooms and meeting spaces for discussions and coffee talks.

Another great thing about the new office people are looking forward to is the atmosphere. Just like in The Big Building, the new Spindle office will be surrounded by other startups and companies. This is great for networking with like-minded individuals, something we Spindlers love to do! An added bonus is the rooftop terrace.

A new era

We will definitely miss our old office. The Big Building had an awesome location and a great community of entrepreneurs we shared countless beers and discussions with. But it will be great to start this next phase of Spindle as a team of over 50 colleagues working together in our brand new Devhouse.

Curious about the new space? Keep an eye on our Twitter for more moving info and come visit us after we’ve settled in!

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