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Open House at The Big Building

Written by Jaap Jan de Boer on 11th November 2015

It’s Friday morning, almost weekend. Every Friday afternoon we gather around our office bar at 4 pm for a drink to start the weekend. This Friday is a bit different. The hype is sensible, preparations are in full swing and everyone is a bit distracted. This afternoon it’s time for the Open House of The Big Building, the energizing space where the Spindle HQ is located amongst other creative residents. We want to share with our visitors the positive and open vibe that we experience every day.

After the lunchbreak, we start preparing for the big opening. Peter is setting up a playseat with Ednan, so people can play ‘Project Cars’. The PlayStation is being moved from the game room to the office, as well as the Mortal Kombat arcade. Meanwhile, Roelinda, Ednan and René go shopping for the essential drinks and bites.


Gijs is busy with something pretty cool too. He is setting up a dial plan in our VoIPGRID telephony platform, that enables people to call a certain number to change the color of our smart LED bulbs. It shows one of the many capabilities of our platform in a fun way.


LIFX WiFi enabled smart led bulbs. Lamps designed by Han Koning


4 pm: the first visitors are arriving


The Big Bar, made by Mark and Ednan in the past few days


Having fun playing FIFA


Kids loved our Stormtrooper Fred


And of course, our skateboards


7 pm: time for pizza

As soon as the pizza is delivered, the smell goes through the whole building and this doesn’t go unnoticed. People are starting to gather in our office and everyone wants to score a bite. We can’t blame them: it’s damn good pizza.


It was nice to give a sneak peek into our nerd culture and we hope that our visitors (you?) enjoyed the day as much as we did. After the Open House, it was time for music and dancing for all the residents of the Big Building and their friends and family. Spindle DJ’s Geert Jan and Sjoerd played some funky beats and then all that was left was partying till the lights went on.


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