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IT infrastructure from a student’s perspective

Written by Devhouse Spindle on 13th March 2015

Internet traffic spiked

Less than 10 years ago IT infrastructures where just a few bare metal servers with some services running on them. Today we are all up in the cloud and IT companies have so much work managing their infrastructure. If we take a look at the statistics, we see that internet traffic at the AMS-IX has grown by 370% in the past 5 years (January and February 2010 and 2015 compared). In the first two months of 2015, the AMS-IX transferred about 1340 PB in AND out. In 2010 that was 364 PB.

Rewire this world?

Today’s cloud infrastructures are complex and are expected to not lose data and function at any time. Backup, mirror, raid and synchronization are terms every networking specialist not only need to understand, but also have planned out. Most servers today are virtual and have backups / snapshots available (I see duplicate data…) but all these servers still have to be configured, managed, updated, secured and… kept running. Both software and infrastructure are moving fast and will continue to do so in the future. Sometimes I’m asking myself: will there be a time, we need to rewire this world?

Improve the infrastructure configuration

Right now I’m looking for a better way to configure and automate the services in the infrastructure. I’m working on this project at Devhouse Spindle as a part of my graduation period for my Bachelor degree. There is a lot of information available from other companies that have done similar projects in the past, but every situation is different. The main goal is finding a solution to improve the infrastructure of Spindle. My project focuses mainly on configuration rather than monitoring and restoring services automatically. Of course you’ll find the results of my project in another article when I’m done with my research.

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