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Connecting code to customers

Written by Jan-Arend Pool on 5th March 2015

Talented developers

At Devhouse Spindle we work with a great team of talented developers. A beautiful mix of nerds, each of them with their own high level of experience, knowledge and skills. Together we build beautiful products, which make our customers enthusiastic and happy.

But what makes the Spindle nerd so unique? And why does he (unfortunately we don’t have any female programmers yet in our team – apply here!) build such great technique? I think it can be summarized in one word, namely PASSION. A passion for technique, for innovation, for building stuff that is smoother than the average, for happy customers and for the cooperation with your colleagues.

A little click-to-dial

Take Cornelis, the Spindle nerd who developed our click-to-dial technique for example. A Chrome extension or Firefox add-on recognizes phone numbers on a website. A little phone horn is displayed right beside the number, and with a single click you call the number automatically connecting your phone to the number on the website. No more dialing long numbers manually, no more adding numbers to a phone book in your device. Sweet, isn’t it? And to make our extensions even more complete, we built a hosted BLF or status viewer function in it, so you can see which of your colleagues is reachable at the moment.

The sales nerd

Stunning technique? Maybe a little 🙂 But it’s just a modest example of the cool things we build at Devhouse Spindle, on which we try to make the lives of our customers just a little easier!

I as a sales nerd have the interesting job to make the translation between customers demands and their code “language”. A nice role in this great company that I fulfill with the same passion!

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