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A company to call your own

Written by Mark Vletter on 11th March 2015

Technology that sparks conversations

Since 2010 we have been developing technology. Technology that sparks conversations and keeps them going.

The technology has made us and the companies and partners we support the fastest growing companies in Europe. Driven by our belief in open source, we have been coding our products in name of the product for the past five years.

Celebrate nerd culture

Our team has been growing rapidly and I am proud to say that our group of 25 nerds consists of the most talented people I know. More people meant more space, and we’ve created a space that completely represents us. It’s a perfect place to spend the day and celebrate our nerd culture.

Our future

We have a space to call our own and we have created beautiful technology. The next step was a company to call our own and starting today I can proudly say that we are Devhouse Spindle.

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