Hi, I am Kirsten Beck

And I'm a People / HR colleague at Devhouse Spindle

Something about me

  • Taking care of our people and taking care of the company: that is a summary of my roles in a nutshell. I have several roles in our People circle, from administrating sick leave to facilitating happiness at work. I make sure people use their legal rights for special leave and check in if I think preventive care is needed. Next to that I welcome new colleagues on their first day and help colleagues reflect on their development throughout the year. It’s quite a social job, which suits me very well. Cooking and especially dining are a big part of my life. I love the good life: great food, the best wine and nice company. That is what makes me happy. I used to cook pretty well, but to be honest, my husband does most of the cooking these days. He has a better overview in the kitchen. A great quality now that we have kids and a busy life. But, nobody makes a better lasagna than me. I noticed that reflecting has become a second nature to me. Skills that I have learned at work also benefit me in my personal life. I think it’s because I ask the questions that others don’t dare, to myself and to others. I love having deep conversations with my friends. Not just about our own lives, but also on social issues, like feminism and racism. Things that are unfair and need to change. It deepens our relationships, something that I value very much.
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