Hi, I am Harriet Zuidland

And I'm a UX designer at Devhouse Spindle

Something about me

  • I like a good challenge. That’s exactly why my role as UI prototyper is such a great fit. My main job is to make small improvements in our portal that make a huge impact. Every day is about making our portal better, smarter and more logical. For that I make prototypes of our interface with my ideas in it. Our team of developers then brings it to life. Pencak Silat also challenges me a lot. I’ve been practicing this Indonesian martial art for more than 20 years. It involves kicking, punching and sweeping my opponent off the floor. Only hitting the head is off limits. I used to compete in matches, but these days I just do training and help out at the club. I train three times a week to keep in shape, because I want to keep improving my skills and get news belts. I love to make my home cozy and create my own style. I like my interior to be colorful. Therefore I visit thrift shops, sew my own pillow cases and create cool pictures of it for my Instagram feed. My coolest thrift find is a porcelain water tap that is actually a lamp. I have a collection rage when it comes to vases, so that is probably what I buy most for my house. At least I have choices and that’s also worth something, right?
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