Hi, I am Davide Campagna

And I'm a Chef lunch at Devhouse Spindle

Something about me

  • Making the best lunch for our colleagues: that is what drives me every day in my role as chef lunch. I do my best to create healthy and fresh meals, so the colleagues that work at the office can really relax during their break. My favourite recipe is pizza. That sounds pretty simple, but don’t forget: I’m Italian. There is nothing simple about pizza. It takes a lot of love, time and energy to create the perfect taste. When that works our colleagues are super happy and so am I. In my free time I love to spend time with my cats. I consider them to be my closest friends. The four of them bring me a lot of joy in my life. Even though they wake me up in the middle of the night because they are meowing. And sometimes they ruin my Lego constructions. But, on the other hand, that gives me the chance to build them again. Lego with knights, but also underwater world and pirates are the ones I really like. I really enjoy playing volleyball. Especially beach volleyball. To train on my technique I also play indoor volleyball. But nothing beats the experience of sand, sun and the fun of playing outside. Next to that I also like to travel and visit festivals.
Devhouse Spindle