Hi, I am Anthony Kui

And I'm a Chef lunch at Devhouse Spindle

Something about me

  • Fresh, healthy and surprising: that’s important for me when I cook lunch for my colleagues. Every day I think of new flavors to combine, because a little experiment doesn’t scare me off. But I also like to make sweet classics like banana bread or tiramisu. And our colleagues seem to appreciate it: when I bake desserts they sure know where to find the restaurant. In my free time I like to climb and boulder with my friends. I followed some courses and I find new challenges in this hobby time after time. There is a lot to discover while being out in nature and I find it very relaxing. Bouldering is something I mostly do indoors and I enjoy that very much. But climbing outdoors is a totally different experience: up in the mountains you really have to think and make the right decisions to make it to the end of the route. It’s really fun to discuss the best way to reach the finish with my climbing buddies. Together we go out camping in France, Italy or Norway. Climbing and cooking both energize me, but I also love to play games and boardgames with my friends. And I enjoy swimming and running. Spending time with great people is important for me. Not only to have fun, but also to have great conversations.
Devhouse Spindle