Hi, I am Andreas Tieman

And I'm a Online Marketeer at Devhouse Spindle

Something about me

  • Making our product really easy accessible, that is what I love to do in my role as online marketeer. I have a broad spectrum of experience, from advertising till organic search and communication. With that I elbow my way through thousands of cat videos and try to catch the eye of our target group and connect with them in a creative way, because I believe our platform can really add value. It’s my job to make sure we reach the right people so they can find us. In my freetime I like to take my sons on adventures in our new neighborhood. We moved from the city to the countryside. Building huts, discovering new paths and just investigating nature. In my own childhood nature played an important role. I grew up on Ameland, a Dutch island. So I spent a lot of time at the beach, surfing and being outside. I’m still drawn to the island. Luckily my parents have a nice place with enough room for me and my family to come over anytime we like. Growing up so close to nature made me appreciate the little things: it might sound silly, but I do feel joy when I see the first snowdrop. Then again: I also love the dynamics of the city. I used to take evening walks in the inner city of Groningen. I find it relaxing to stroll around, watching people and discovering new interesting places. The ambiance at night is totally different, which is nice I think. I guess I have to find a new walking routine now that I live in the countryside.
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